The Lottery & The Ones Who Walk Away

The fact they these two stories use tradition to justify something that is intrinsically wrong, and the randomness that they persecute someone for no specific reason is morally unjust. All of these characteristics base back to ethical issues in society that are timeless. The battle between human beings having intrinsically valued or instruments to “overall happiness” is what is being conveyed in these two stories. To be intrinsic is to have more value than meets the eye, for instance, emotions and aspirations are intrinsic values, which we can agree everyone we have. But when we throw away these intrinsic values that human beings have, we become mere instruments for society, and the “overall good”. Instead of making our own decisions based on how we were raised and the environment which we live in, our decisions are made for us in an instrumental society. Which is seen in both “the lottery” and “the ones who leave omelas”. But then the question raised is, what is good? Good is hard to be defined by words but better by actions. Being good is subjective, meaning different to each person. If this is so then how can a government or residing force over a community makes actions for its civilians. The answer is, it can’t. Which leads me to my next question. Would I prefer to live in one of these towns to the other? My answer is no because I believe that people have intrinsic value rather than instrumental value. I would rather live by myself or in a different community that acts accordingly to their own specific beliefs. The fact that we are so vastly different is a main characteristic of what being human is, if this is taken away from us as seen in “the lottery” or “the ones that walk away from omelas” then we are no longer humans but more of an ant farm. One queen tells everyone what to do in the strive for one common goal. Some people may agree and be happy with that, but personally, I don’t like being bossed around or told what to do, so this goes against my nature entirely. Another reason why I would walk away is because there is not room for improvement in a society like that. Everyone is one class, it is basically communism. Sure the social welfare of the community would probably be taken care of. But then if like I said, if one person has the aspiration to become a doctor or something extraordinary, it would become difficult because of the society they lived in. The city’s great happiness, its splendors and health, its architecture, music, and science, all are dependent on the misery of one person. Either the child or the lottery winner. If the traditions die, they believe that the society will die along with it, this is the tragic flaw of these two cities. The do not wish to venture out into the unknown, when history has shown as, that wondering into the darkness is sometimes the only way to get evolve.

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