Create With Purpose Tee

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These soft vintage-feel t-shirts come pre-washed and pre-shrunk, making sure that your size and color will hold up with time. Ringspun yarn makes the t-shirt feel lighter than the regular cotton T-shirt, and is a lot softer and more durable.

• 100% ringspun cotton
• Pre-washed
• Double-stitched neckline
• Crew neck


Bret Johnson (@last_fits) is a talented visual artist, story teller, and idealist. All of his images have a keen sense of visual ideation, hierarchy, and impressive color theorem. His photography has the ability to tap into someones sense of subjectivity. Bret's images entice you to look more than what is just on the surface, they warrant your thirst to see what is beyond.

     Bret is one our newest Visionaries and members of The Age of Artistry Program. Life's Illusion is founded on the "why" of our members just as much as the "what." The why of things allows us to see inside an individual from which words may only tell a portion of. Upon asking Bret to tell us a little bit about himself, here is what he had to say.       

My passion for fashion and streetwear all started about 6 years ago when I first started in retail. Pacsun was my one stop shop for my gear ever before I worked there and the first brand I fell in love with was diamond supply, those first diamond drops had me hooked. In high school I was in the skate scene so brands like Huf, Thrasher, Vans were my whole closet, but outfits were never something I put thought into until I started working around clothing and learning about those brands and the passion there founders have for streetwear. That passion some how became my own, I wanted to know everything about brands I wore. You'll find allot of your favorite brands have story's that will make you appreciate them even more. Streetwear to me is an expression of art, and self. Without those passionate creators of clothing out there we'd have nothing to paint our pictures with.


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