Thick Velvet Camouflage Hoodie


The word hoodie derives from the Anglo-Saxon word hōd, congruent to the English word, “hat”. Hoodies can be traced all the way back to Medieval Europe when garments such as these were normal clothing for monks and outdoor workers. Whether you are a monk or a middle class individual such as us, the hoodie is the perfect garment for you anytime of the year.

We recently teamed up with INFLATION to bring you the best fast fashion in the game. Founded in 2014, INF is a fast fashion streetwear brand with strong
influences from American youth, culture and music. We believe their contemporary influences compliment our progressive design and traditional garments styles. Our decision to team up with INFLATION is based on the concept that ideologies are meant to be shared. Only together can be grow as a collective. Every time we share ideas as a society we grown as a community. Only by seeing different interpretations are we able to see life in a new and different way. The human race is based off a social construct, we seek to be united and a part of something. Divided we fall, but united we may stand.    

Item Type: Hoodies,Sweatshirts
Collar: O-Neck
Material: Polyester,Cotton
Pattern Type: Camouflage
Material: 95% cotton 5% spandex

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