Vintage Mochi Leather Backpack


Upgrade your travel game with the Vintage Mochi Leather Backpack! Made from high-quality oxford materials, this backpack is anti-theft, waterproof, and durable. It features a unique layer for a 15.6-inch laptop, a large compartment for your daily essentials, and side buckle pockets for easy access.

The comfortable design and burden reduction feature makes it easy to carry, while the string seal expansion style prevents deformation. Plus, the USB charging plug keeps your phone charged on the go. Get your hands on this stylish and functional backpack today!

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More Information

  • High-quality backpack with oxford materials.
  • Anti-Theft & Waterproof & Resistant & Anti-plash &Durable.
  • Unique layer for 15.6-inch laptop and Large compartment for Going out.
  • Comfortable feeling and burden reduction.
  • Side buckle pockets are easy to Put in and take out
  • String seal expansion style Prevent backpack deformation.
  • USB charging plug frees your hands.
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