Life’s Illusion is not just a thing, but more importantly a collection of ideas. We take cues and inspiration from culture, politics, and philosophical inquiry. Everything is magic, except to the magician. We aim to become the magician. 

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Life's Illusion created the Age of Artistry Program, commonly referred to as the AAP. This ongoing and innovative program was designed to showcase the talents and visual philosophy of Artists and Creatives all over the world. The Age of Artistry Program came to fruition because we believe that Artists are overlooked in todays cultural dichotomy. An artist is someone who shares there life, emotions, thoughts, struggles and beliefs with the public. By understanding and sympathizing with someone else's story, it catalyzes the opportunity to change your own story. We are here to fight the apathy we see in the world. Everything is magic except to the magician. We are the magicians, join us.   

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Dickri Fauzy, otherwise know as "Neverglad", is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator who started his journey into the art scene in 2014. He formerly started as a Surrealist, who's artistic motif included expansive negative space and dark subjects. Overtime, he felt as though this style did not reflect his identity. This internal conflict make him question the reason he wanted to become an Artist in the beginning. In 2016 he decided to change his art into something minimalistic with emotive subjectivity. This transition allowed him to become more honest with his work, and transpired the boundaries between Graphic Design and Fine Art. 

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