Neverglad Art - Illusions Clothing

Neverglad Art

We recently teamed up with Neverglad Art because we appreciated their raw depiction of emotion in their artwork. Each design has a message and a story that draws us in to see more. The complexion and conception of each piece of artwork convey a brief glimpse into the mind of Dickri. We asked Neverglad to tell us a little about themselves, and here is what they had to say.  "My name is Dickri Fauzy (Neverglad). I am a graphic designer and illustrator, being a freelance graphic designer made me want to explore kinds of visuals including art style, I love...

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Heeey! A Fade From Monotony. - Illusions Clothing

Heeey! A Fade From Monotony.

Bold lines and a limited color palette are his calling cards. His style is heavily influenced by tattoo, punk-hardcore music, old comic books, and pop culture. Currently, he works with brands and bands from all around the world. Heeey! describes his work approach quoting a teacher he had a design school: “Variety is the prelude to monotony; to avoid it, repeat your own element.”
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Jake Kibble: Genuine Modernity - Illusions Clothing

Jake Kibble: Genuine Modernity

We at Illusions have developed The Age of Artistry Initiative, usually referred to as the AAI. This initiative is an ongoing effort to showcase the work of well-established artists as well as underground artists who continue to inspire our population. Our artists continually push the boundaries of their craft. They help provide our culture with context and perspective. The history of others has the potential to catalyze the story of others. To Illusions, an artist is not someone who draws a picture, paints an image, sings a song, or simply writes a poem. An artist is someone who takes something...

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Mosaic Of Time - Illusions Clothing

Mosaic Of Time

4D in Design Whilst looking into the fourth dimension, it may secrete a confusing façade at first, but mostly refers to design and media that changes with time. Motion is the actuality of potentiality, and time is a sequence of singularities. Meaning, that we cannot see everything all at once, but derive meaning from sequential moments of time. Motion is the medium in which the future belongs to the present. Accordingly, every moment is a complex singularity enduring the unity of multiple parts. All of these concepts are intrinsic to a multitude of mediums within the design community. Some mediums...

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What Is Streetwear? - Illusions Clothing

What Is Streetwear?

Beyond anything, streetwear is a culture. It's not about clothes, it's not only a product. Streetwear is an independently crafted intrinsic expression. Having these titles requires a brand to be spawned independently without the backing of an external variable. Becoming a streetwear brand means that you don't belong to any fashion house. Fear of God's designer, Jerry Lorenzo stated in a paralleled notion, "it's street in the sense that [it's] self-taught." No investors, no partners, the product is pure and not dictated to a traditional fashion calendar. Products are entirely dictated upon the intrinsic perspective and capabilities of the respective designer....

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A Life of Illusion - Illusions Clothing

A Life of Illusion

In the ancient Vedic era, Rishis referred to illusions as Maya, which also translates to, "that which is not." In some regard, this is accurate. Just like when you are in a dream state, that dream never truly existed. Illusions occur when you superimpose those illusory ideas onto something else to forge an ulterior reality from what is truly existent. Ultimately, anything we accumulate through sensory experience or imagination isn't real in a true sense. Humans tend to identify with what we are not. We must go through the trials and tribulations of remembering and recognizing who we really are to...

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