Storytelling is what shapes our society, consciousness, and humanity. As humans, we are a product of the past. Stories are what link us to our past, and enable us to change our future. Since humans roamed the earth, stories have been told. We as humans share stories to shape our own intrinsic existence. 


Existence is an interesting thing. The concept can be so ambiguous, yet a defining factor in our daily decisions. As humans, we all have individual experiences. We are all drawn into the characters that we see ourselves in. When we look at these characters, most of us would think that we are envisioning what we wish to become. In actuality, we already know who we are, we are merely taking a gander at who we could've been. It is merely a wish despite our reality.


Emotions have the ability to unite us. We all feel the same pain, we all share the same fears, we all want to find the same love. Stories pluck the strings of our hearts. They enable us to feel what others have felt. We live with another's pain, love, heartache, fear,  and uncertainty. In this empathetic connection, we ultimately don't feel so alone and helps lead us to the reaffirmation of our own existence. 


As societal dichotomies decay, and we all pass from this life to the next, stories will always live in. Stories hold a mirror to the nature we reside in. We must see our reflection, no matter how hard it may be to peer at. It is the only way to truly see who we are, versus whom we aim to become. We must make meaning from chaos, and form cities from the rubble of today. We are the protagonists of our own story, it is time to write it. 

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