We at Illusions have developed The Age of Artistry Initiative, usually referred to as the AAI. This initiative is an ongoing effort to showcase the work of well-established artists as well as underground artists who continue to inspire our population. Our artists continually push the boundaries of their craft. They help provide our culture with context and perspective. The history of others has the potential to catalyze the story of others.

To Illusions, an artist is not someone who draws a picture, paints an image, sings a song, or simply writes a poem. An artist is someone who takes something from within and projects that into something that others are able to see themselves within. Art is a direct expression of one’s true self through creation.

One of our first visionaries is Jake Kibble. We asked him why he was so passionate and fashion and being part of the creative community, and this is what he had to say. 

Sup! I'm Jake! I am a freelance model and help out companies by offering my services for free or a small fee. I enjoy doing this because I love representing companies and helping promote them as they are a bit part of fashion in the present time. I especially enjoy working with Life's Illusion because for one they are awesome, but they are a brand that is going to go far and get a massive brand. I love sharing their stuff because I genuinely would buy it for myself. I love showing my friends and family my clothes from them and encouraging them to buy some for themselves! I hope to work alongside Life's Illusion even more in the future, creating more bromances and sick friendships!

Jake always has a great attitude that is very outgoing. We are glad to have in on board and honored for him to be one of our pioneer visionaries. 

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