We at Illusions have developed The Age of Artistry Initiative, usually referred to as the AAI. This initiative is an ongoing effort to showcase the work of well-established artists as well as underground artists who continue to inspire our population. Our artists continually push the boundaries of their craft. They help provide our culture with context and perspective. The history of others has the potential to catalyze the story of others.

To Illusions, an artist is not someone who draws a picture, paints an image, sings a song, or simply writes a poem. An artist is someone who takes something from within and projects that into something that others are able to see themselves within. Art is a direct expression of one’s true self through creation.

Amidst our journey of discovering and meeting talented artists around the world we recently met, Heeey! Heeey is a freelance designer and illustrator based in Italy. Bold lines and a limited color palette are his calling cards. His style is heavily influenced by tattoo, punk-hardcore music, old comic books, and pop culture. Currently, he works with brands and bands from all around the world. Heeey! describes his work approach quoting a teacher he had a design school: “Variety is the prelude to monotony; to avoid it, repeat your own element.”

To see more of his work click here. 

You can also find him online at the links below.


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