We recently teamed up with Neverglad Art because we appreciated their raw depiction of emotion in their artwork. Each design has a message and a story that draws us in to see more. The complexion and conception of each piece of artwork convey a brief glimpse into the mind of Dickri. We asked Neverglad to tell us a little about themselves, and here is what they had to say. 

"My name is Dickri Fauzy (Neverglad). I am a graphic designer and illustrator, being a freelance graphic designer made me want to explore kinds of visuals including art style, I love what I do because I realized that every art tells stories, feelings, anger, and is a freedom of speech.

My work is influenced by the experience of feelings and music, and mostly using the minimalist style with emotive messages, so people can feel hope because of the similarity of sadness and joy feelings that comes through my work."


Where you can find Neverglad:

Website: dickriaf.weebly.com

Instagram: instagram.com/nevergladart

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